Saint-Hubert AirportAéro-Club Royal des Ardennes

Aéro-Club Royal des Ardennes

Description :

    The aéro-club Royal des Ardennes is the oldest active club in Saint-Hubert. It brings together members who fly gliders for recreation but there are also many who have connections with the world of commercial aviation.

Number of members :

    70 members

Activity :

    In recent years, the club's activities have refocused on the sport of gliding. Our training targets pilots who have already undergone a good initial training.

    Our objective is to train these young glider pilots in cross-country flying (distance flying) and then to prepare for competition (speed challenges).

    With our primary focus on this purpose, we have briefing rooms as well as equipment and a fleet of gliders. Occasionally, we take on novice trainees introduced to us by our members and organise introductory flights for the general public.

History :

    The aéro-club Royal des Ardennes was founded on 22 March 1958, with Dr Camille CONTOR as its first president. The first gliding competition 'the three days of the Ardennes' took place on 30 April 1967 under the management of Jacques BROCART, club instructor. The management of the Ardennes Competition was later taken over by Gill VAN DEN BROECK, who organised it more than twenty-five times. Some of these competitions were planned in conjunction with the Belgian Championships, which was the case in 2007 when the competition took place for the 34th time.

    It should be noted that up until the 1980s, the club was mainly involved with engine powered aircraft. At that time, this activity was gradually decreased and replaced by gliders. At present, the club chooses to no longer own aeroplanes but to concentrate on the sport of gliding. Another point of note is that in 2008 His Majesty the King conferred the title of 'Royal' on our flight club.