Saint-Hubert AirportNational Gliding Centre (CNVV)

National Gliding Centre (CNVV)

Description :

    Centre for initiation, advanced training and recurrent training for glider pilots. Training of instructors and tow plane pilots. Tow plane service for clubs active at the Saint-Hubert Aerodrome.

Number of members :

    200 to 250 trainees per year

Activity :

    The CNVV is open to anyone wishing to be initiated into the pleasure of piloting gliders, so that they can then join clubs, or, if desired, make the transition to aeroplanes. A schedule of fifteen training periods per year means that candidates, mostly young people, can receive their elementary glider pilot certificate after 15 days of training.

    In addition to the various qualifications mentioned above, the CNVV also welcomes, on a flexible basis, all pilots from external clubs who are not permitted by the aerodrome to use the site during weekdays. In 2010, the CNVV was the organiser responsible for the celebrated radio show 'Le Jeu des Dictionnaires' and the Belgian Gliding Championships taking place at the aerodrome. The CNVV offers 16 gliders, 12 of which are its own, and also owns tow planes and 2 motor gliders. In 2009, the CNVV performed 4,007 glider tows and 2,762 flight hours, of which 1,975 were in gliders.

History :

    Created in 1952 with the objective to encourage young people to take up careers in aviation and also to support the formation of gliding clubs in Belgium. It was originally located at the Temploux Aerodrome.

    From 1954-55, the aerodrome in Saint-Hubert was developed by the RVA to accommodate the CNVV. Since then, 10,000 young people have acquired their elementary glider pilot certificate. The CNVV has participated in the development of other clubs and activities including A.A.T. (Ardennes Air Technique), initially a maintenance shop created exclusively for CNVV's flight equipment.

Contact :

    Contact person : Ms Clara SCHYNS
    Address : Aérodrome Bte 1 - 6870 Saint-Hubert
    Tel : 061/61 12 68
    Fax : 061/61 38 20
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