Saint-Hubert AirportPromoglide


Description :

    Offers two-seater glider hire (Duo Discus Turbo).
    Organisation and promotion of events related to gliding.

Number of members :

    +/- 10 members

Activity :

    Offers two-seater, Duo Discus Turbo glider hire ;
    Introduction to cross-country flying with an experienced pilot ;
    Promotes gliding through its presence at numerous competitions and events related to gliding.
    It is, therefore, specifically aimed at glider pilots.

History :

    The company was formed following the purchase of a glider 5 years ago.


    Contact person : Mr Arnaud DE BROQUEVILLE
    Adress : Avenue Général Lartigue n° 115 - 1200 Bruxelles
    Tel : 0475/ 89 14 69
    Email :
    Website :