Saint-Hubert AirportAéro Club Universitaire de Louvain

Aéro Club Universitaire de Louvain

Description :

    Gliding (glider flights only).

Number of members :

    +/- 40 members

Activity :

    Open, but not exclusively, to students, staff and alumni of UCL who hold an elementary glider pilot certificate. This certificate can be obtained on site through a basic training course with the National Gliding Centre. The ACUL has volunteers who help members progress to higher qualifications as well as competitive gliding.

    The club owns 7 gliders and houses 11 private gliders: a fleet of 18 machines in total of which 2 are pooled with the CNVV.

    In 2009, 1,356 flight hours were performed and 46,855 km of cross-country flying.

    Most activities take place on weekends. However, since the CNVV is on site full time, activities can potentially take place during the week. Performance camps abroad are organised each summer. Every year, pilots from the club participate in the Belgian Championships and one of them, a member of the national team, takes part in international competitions.

History :

    As early as 1932, a gliding club was established at the UCL. However, the war of 1940-45 put an end to all flying activities. In 1956, a bilingual gliding club reappeared at the Catholic University of Leuven. In 1968, the schism of the latter led to the club similarly becoming two independent entities: the Dutch speaking university Aero Club moved to Zwartberg and the French speaking Aero Club, whose headquarters are now in Louvain-la-Neuve, moved to Temploux before finally settling permanently at the Saint-Hubert Aerodrome, where it has experienced, especially in recent years, major development. Today, it remains the only Francophone university flight club active in Belgium.

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